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Will this drought end?

Forecasters blame a “ridge of high pressure” that settled over the state, around Christmas 2014, for shielding California from storms, just as it did in December 2013.

4th Year of Drought conditions continues..

January, usually the wettest month of the year, goes without rain. California has yet again recorded the driest January in its history. Four years of drought does not seem to be coming to an end. As stated in the Wall Street Journal, “Farmers have been especially hard hit by the cutbacks, which in some cases have meant not getting any water shipments.” Read more.


Drought restrictions plague the state of California, as the drought continues to ravage the water supply for a 4th year in a row. With hope that some rain may fall in Feb-April of 2015, water officials remind us that even with above normal rainfalls the state would require 150% of it’s annual rainfall to begin recovering from these extreme drought conditions.


Where do we turn when the rain stops and the lakes start to dry up, well water! “Well water is keeping much of California’s farm land from going under....but even more is needed” . “Well water, a last resort for saving crops”

The water table is dropping and wells are needing to be dug deeper, up to 2000ft. A local well driller speaks on current conditions. Watch Video.

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