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Durable long-life products, to fit your needs.

Powerful, Durable and Tier 4 Compliant

732 cu. in. • 12 Liter • Natural Gas • Clean Burning • Beast

Frost Protection

Protect your crop

When you need your frost protection, the last thing you want to worry about is your pump engine going down. TGP West has the latest in natural gas, diesel and gasoline motors. We provide durable long-life engines, to fit your needs.

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New Products

The Natural Gas Advantage

Introducing our latest natural gas engine, the Green Beast! Unlike anything on the market, this natural gas engine is powerful, durable, clean burning and with a price tag that undercuts all of the competition! Learn more about this Beast!

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Water Management

Natural Gas, Electric or Diesel?

How do you maintain profitability in todays market? Water management! Choose from the best in durable long-life irrigaiton pumps stations, engines of multiple fuel types and generators, from TGP West. Call us at today to learn more.

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Lean Burn Electric

Continental Controls

Continental Controls Carburetors are fuel control products for natural gas engines and gas turbine engines. Using a CPU, these fuel valves provide a quick and efficient response to load changes. Increase efficiency and save money with a CCC!

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In the know


Factors to Consider

There are many factors to consider when picking the most efficient engine for your needs. Let TGP West help you get the most out your new engine, generator or pump station.


Will this drought end?

Forecasters blame a “ridge of high pressure” that settled over the state, around Christmas 2014, for shielding California from storms, just as it did in December 2013.


TGP West is an irrigation pump solutions company that is known for it's dedication to the research and development of the latest, most efficient pumps, engines and generators.

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